April 2018

Our theme this month was ‘Movement’:

Barb to FranBarb to Fran

Barbara C to Karen S                    Barbara C to Karen S

Charmian to JuliaCharmian to Julia

Christine S to Yvonne Christine S to Yvonne

Debbie to JoDebbie to Jo

Denny to Karen GDenny to Karen G

Faith to SuFaith to Su

Fran to NatashaFran to Natasha

Gillian to Judith C Gillian to Judith C

Ineke to CarolineIneke to Caroline

Jo to LauraJo to Laura H

Judith to Faith (1)Judith to Faith

Julia to CharmianJulia to Charmian

Karen S to Barbara CKaren S to Barbara C

Karen to WinsomeKaren G to Winsome

Laura to JanLaura H to Jan

Michelle K to Gillian Michelle K to Gillian

Pat to NancyPat to Nancy

Penelope to Gail Penelope to Gail

Sandra S to Sarah CSandra S to Sarah C

Sarah C to Sarah E Sarah C to Sarah E

Su to Christine SSu to Christine S

Su to Faith Su to Faith

Winsome to Barb Winsome to Barb

Yvonne to ChristieYvonne to Christie



March 2018 – Maker’s Choice

This month was open for members to do their own thing:

Barbara to FaithBarbara C to Faith

Barbara to KarenBarbara C to Karen G

Beth to InekeBeth to Ineke

Carol W to Pat CCarol W to Pat

Christie to LauraChristie to Laura H

Christine S to Debbie SChristine S to Debbie S

Debbie to WinsomeDebbie S to Winsome

Denise to BethDenise to Beth

Denise to GillianDenise to Gillian

Denny to CharmianDenny to Charmian

Faith to BarbaraFaith to Barbara C

Fran to Helen WFran to Helen W

Gillian to DeniseGillian to Denise

Helen to SandraHelen W to Sandra

Ineke to Christie        Ineke to Christie

Jan to Sarah CJan to Sarah C

Jo to YvonneJo to YvonneJudith to Fran   Judith to Fran

Julia to NancyJulia to Nancy

Karen G to MichelleKaren G to Michelle W

Karen S to Christine SKaren S to Christine S

Laura H to DeniseLaura H to Denise

Pat to DennyPat to Denny

Sandra to Gail KSandra to Gail K

Sarah to JuliaSarah C to Julia

Shane to Sue BShane to Sue B

Sue B to LorriSue B to Lorri

Winsome to ShaneWinsome to Shane

Yvonne to Karen S       Yvonne to Karen S






February 2018

The theme for this month was ‘Colour’, and, as usual, we had a multitude of different interpretations of the theme:


Laura H to PenelopeLaura H to Penelope

Ahma to ChristineAhma to Christine S

Barbara to AhmaBarbara to Ahma

Carol to DennyCarol to Denny

Charmian to JudithCharmian to Judith

Christine S to DeniseChristine S to Denise

Cynthia to Nancy               Cynthia to Nancy

Debbie to GailDebbie to Gail K

Denise to Laura                     Denise to Laura B

Denny to CarolDenny to Carol

Gail K to Helen WGail K to Helen W

Helen to DebbieHelen W to Debbie

Jan to Carol (December)Jan to Carol

Jan to YvonneJan to Yvonne

Judith to CharmianJudith to Charmian

Julia to Karen   Julia to Karen G

Karen G to JuliaKaren G to Julia

Karen S to SandraKaren S to Sandra

Laura B to Sarah E    Laura B to Sarah E

Lorri to ShaneLorri to Shane

Michelle to SarahMichelle K to Sarah C

Nancy to MichelleNancy to Michelle K

Sandra to Karen S Sandra to Karen S

Shane to LorriShane to Lorri

Yvonne to Laura H

Yvonne to Laura H


January 2018

The theme for this month was New Beginnings:

Ahma to Carol Ahma to Carol

Barbara C to Debbie S Barbara to Debbie

Beth to Penelope Beth to Penelope

Carol to Shane Carol to Shane

Charmian to Yvonne Charmian to Yvonne

Christine to Denny Christine to Denny

Debbie to Michelle Debbie to Michelle

Denny to GailDenny to Gail

Gail to AhmaGail to Ahma

Karen G to Charmian (2)KarenG to Charmian

Karen S to Barbara CKaren S to Barbara

Laura B to Karen G Laura to Karen G

Lorri to GailLorri to Gail M

Michelle to LauraMichelle to Laura

Sarah to Beth Sarah to Beth

Shane to Karen Shane to Karen G

Yvonne to Sarah Yvonne to Sarah


September 2016 Gallery

Our theme for September was ‘A Letter’. Choose a letter and decorate it or interpret it as you wish. It was a popular theme with 22 of the group taking part and the results are stunning:

avril-to-helenAvril to Helen

barbara-to-corinneBarbara to Corinne

carol-to-katieCarol to Katie

charmian-to-sue Charmian to Sue

cindy-to-carolCindy to Carol

corinne-to-shannonCorinne to Shannon

dorothy-to-shelleyDorothy to Shelley

gail-to-winsome Gail to Winsome

helen-to-maria-2Helen to Maria

katie-to-barbaraKatie to Barbara

leeann-and-kayleigh-to-cindyLeeann & Kayleigh to Cindy

maureen-to-sue-bMaureen to Sue B

meg-to-maureen Meg to Maureen

shane-to-tammyShane to Tammy

maria-to-megMaria to Meg

shannon-to-charmianShannon to Charmian

sharon-to-dorothy Sharon to Dorothy

shelley-to-justynaShelley to Justyna

sue-b-to-yvonne Sue B to Yvonne

tammy-to-sharon-2Tammy to Sharon

winsome-to-leeann-k Winsome to Leeann & Kayleigh

yvonne-to-shaneYvonne to Shane


August 2016 Gallery

The theme for August 2016 was Kith and Kin. Each person chose to represent something that related to their family – perhaps based on the family name, something the family is known for, something they like to do together or anything else they can think of.  Where possible we have a viewers choice vote for the best card. This month’s winner was Meg’s card to Shane. Here they all are in all their glory:

avril-to-mary-2 Avril to Mary

barbara-to-tammy Barbara to Tammy

charmian-to-shannon Charmian to Shannon

corinne-to-charmianCorinne to Charmian

dorothy-to-avrilDorothy to Avril

gail-to-helenGail to Helen

helen-to-justynaHelen to Justyna

katie-to-maureen-copyKatie to Maureen

l-k-to-katie-copyLeeann & Kayleigh to Katie

maria-to-meg-copyMaria to Meg

mary-to-barbara-copyMary to Barbara

meg-to-shaneMeg to Shane

shane-to-sharonShane to Sharon

shannon-to-dorothyShannon to Dorothy

sharon-to-gailSharon to Gail

tammy-to-corinneTammy to Corinne


June 2016 Gallery

Our theme for June was ‘June is Bustin’ Out All Over’ and our members’ creativity certainly did bust out all over. These are fabulous! Judge for yourself…

Ahma Corinne to Sharon Corinne to Sharon

Carol to Ahma Carol to Corinne

Charmian to L&K Charmian to Leeann & Kayleigh

Dorothy to Meg Dorothy to Meg

Gail to L&K Gail to Leeann and Kayleigh

Janet to Shane Janet to Shane

L& K to Charmian Leeann & Kayleigh to Charmian

Meg to Dorothy (watermelon) Meg to Dorothy

Sharon to Angelia Shane to Angelia

Sharon to Tammy Sharon to Tammy

Sue to Mary Sue to Mary

Tammy to Janet Tammy to Janet


September 2016 Theme

Last call for sign-ups for September 2016. For this month, choose a letter of the alphabet and decorate it up to your hearts content – some thread, beads, bit of bling, fmq, applique – whatever you want. As always any kind of needlework or fabric art is acceptable. Just a reminder of the rules for making postcards:

Postcards should be 4″ x 6″ in size and made completely of fabric i.e. use a fabric stiffener to give it body rather than cardstock.

Please keep a photograph of your card and place a post to say it has been mailed (don’t show the photo at this time).

When you receive a card from your swap partner, please place a post to say so and post a picture of the card you received.

Each month we will have a members’ vote for the best card and the winner will head the page until the next vote.

The photo that you keep of your own card is to allow for late delivery or a card being lost in transit – you can then send me the photo you kept so that your work is included in the vote.

Please try to mail out by the 24th of the month – if life gets in the way and you are going to be late, then post to let your swap partner and the administrator know.

If you would like to join in, you can either go to our facebook page Handmade Fabric Postcard Swap or contact me here and send me your name and address details.


Themes for September and October 2016

September’s theme is to choose a letter of the alphabet and decorate it up to your hearts content – some thread, beads, bit of bling, fmq, applique – whatever you want. As always any kind of needlework or fabric art.

October’s theme is  – a postcard-sized quilt. This is from a suggestion sent by Stephanie Lewin ages ago. Choose any type of block or quilt to represent – wholecloth, crazy patchwork, Log Cabin or any block that you can think of. We should all be able to attempt this one!

If you would like to sign up to join in any of the swaps you can do so either on our facebook page Handmade Fabric Postcard Swap or, if you are not a facebook user, contact me via this blog and I’ll assign you a swap partner on the 1st of the month.