September 2016 Theme

Last call for sign-ups for September 2016. For this month, choose a letter of the alphabet and decorate it up to your hearts content – some thread, beads, bit of bling, fmq, applique – whatever you want. As always any kind of needlework or fabric art is acceptable. Just a reminder of the rules for making postcards:

Postcards should be 4″ x 6″ in size and made completely of fabric i.e. use a fabric stiffener to give it body rather than cardstock.

Please keep a photograph of your card and place a post to say it has been mailed (don’t show the photo at this time).

When you receive a card from your swap partner, please place a post to say so and post a picture of the card you received.

Each month we will have a members’ vote for the best card and the winner will head the page until the next vote.

The photo that you keep of your own card is to allow for late delivery or a card being lost in transit – you can then send me the photo you kept so that your work is included in the vote.

Please try to mail out by the 24th of the month – if life gets in the way and you are going to be late, then post to let your swap partner and the administrator know.

If you would like to join in, you can either go to our facebook page Handmade Fabric Postcard Swap or contact me here and send me your name and address details.



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